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** New Clients / Free Starter Session:
Marshall offers the option of a brief 15-20 minute free consultation for new clients only–after he has reviewed your forms–to discuss what he sees in your forms and how he would move forward with testing and programming direction in your situation and for your goals. As a new client, Please make sure to complete and return all forms before scheduling, links to which can be found below, or in the confirmation email received upon purchase of any session with me. Here they are for reference:

  • (or Athletic Training/Coaching clients
  • 7-Day Food Journal (attachment form included in confirmation email, or format as convenient, as long as clearly legible).

** Returning Clients:
Feel free to schedule for any openings. I may ask that you complete a 7-Day Food Journal or short intake form before our next session on a case-by-case basis.

** Athletic Clients (new athletic clients see “New client” instructions above):

  • If you are requesting in-person coaching/training, Marshall will contact you to discuss scheduling once you have purchased a session/package.
  • If you purchased an individual session (20-minutes or more) or phone/online coaching package, you are welcome to schedule any available time. However, if you are scheduling for a quick Q&A, keep in mind that Marshall is limited in the extent to which he can answer questions specific to an individual without having time to review your current forms.

** Asap/Impromptu sessions (10-minutes +):

  • You can purchase these in advance or pay at the conclusion of a session, but there is no advanced scheduling for these. Just call as needed.
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